Each product is custom made per order. Please add up to an additional 3 weeks to receive all apparel orders.

The clothing in Freedom Fleur’s Branded Collection is all made in India, Peru & Uganda.

Yes, we work with Fair Trade Certified partners, who are dedicated to ethical practices and sustainability for our products.

These clothing in Freedom Fleur’s Branded Collection are made from GOTS certified organic cotton. 

Think the environment. This refers to the effects of the production of clothing on the environment. This includes the use of pesticides in growing cotton, other natural, sustainable fabrics, the dyes used for various colors, water, and waste treatment, energy reduction, using recycled materials, and sometimes even packaging. 

Think human rights. This concerns how the clothing was made, encompassing everything from how the cotton was grown to how the garment workers who made the clothes are treated and paid, their safety (no sweatshops, child labour, worker abuse, or slavery involved).

Think concerning the clothing item itself. Recycle. Reuse. Reduce.Reducemeans to minimize the amount of waste we create.Reuse refers to using items more than once. Recyclemeans putting a product to a new use instead of throwing it away. At Freedom Fleur we encourage the 3R’s.

The base costs that go into sustainable fashion are inherently more expensive due to sourcing costly eco-friendly natural materials and paying people a fair wage for sewing garments. 


We combine beauty with social responsibility. Our philosophy is built into every piece we make. Freedom Fleur lives on the frontline of fashion and empowerment for women. Sustainable. Ethical Fashion.