About Us

Who Is Freedom Fleur?

Freedom Fleur is a for-profit social enterprise that strives to resource visionary women. We provide access to ethical and sustainable clothing for women who are on a mission to change their lives, their community, and the world around them for good. Our process is adaptive and emergent with a focus on building a bridge to economic freedom and education for women. Freedom Fleur's clothing speaks to the visionary women's lifestyle and values. We commit to this by being committed to our "FF Social Club" which includes resource sharing and redistribution, employment, and business training. (Please add hyperlink on Social Club for Social Club Sign Up)

About the Founder

I started Freedom Fleur after realizing that I could use the pain of my childhood rape to help other women walk in freedom and realize their own dreams.

I knew that abuse had taken something from me: freedom, confidence, and power. I wanted that back. I never lost my childhood dreams of starting a clothing brand one day. But I did not know how to realize these dreams. It made so much sense to me that, as I received therapy and did research on starting a business, women who had been disadvantaged by poverty or abuse would often be inspired and reach out to me for resources.

We initially started Freedom Fleur as a nonprofit focusing our efforts on support groups for these women. Over time I realized that as women shared their stories the shame started to break. In a supportive community, these women were thriving visionaries. I traveled to India and met a woman who had been rescued from sex trafficking and another woman who owned a Sari shop. I realized that the women who were out of an abusive situation needed therapeutic care and an opportunity to upskill, reskill or start a business. The woman in the Sari shop was an entrepreneur who was thriving in her context. She had employees in her small shop. After that trip, I knew that our next step was to form a for-profit and do work to get tangible resources into women's hands.

Women needed a chance to make a future for themselves and their families in a dignified way. I started Freedom Fleur because I believe in the power of women to change their world and invest in the world